Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's been a while...

So we haven't posted in a long, long time. Let's just say our lives are full, and we are thankful that we don't have time to become expert bloggers! Anyway, here are a few photos to bridge the gap, and maybe we'll start letting Alex and Taylor contribute stories with their photos. We are heading into some exciting times - Matthew Gonzalez (David's brother from NY) is moving in 2 weeks to San Fran! It will be only the second person related directly from David's family to move out of New York and Connecticut. Hopefully we'll get to see Matt quite a bit now.

David and Lea have both been wrapped up with Tennis teams that are doing well, and with both girls in school that is the one nice addition we've allowed ourselves timewise. Everything else is eaten by Family time, house upkeep, business, and church. Life is good, but sometimes overwhelming. Peace through faith is the glue that keeps it all together! That's it for now...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Princess Taylor's 4th Birthday

Guess who turned 4 years old? We had an amazing party at "Pump it up" with a room full of kids (and parents) bouncing around on jumpies! The only thing more outrageous than jumpies, pizza and too much cake was the overload of presents. Thanks to everyone for all the fun gifts and it is confirmed that we'll all be in NY from August 29 - September 4. See you there...

Matt visits the nieces

Matt journeyed out to Ojai last week to spend some time as "Uncle Matthew". Fun was had by all...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Friends and Family, etc.

Our Brother-in-Law, Bob Gross, had a book release and signing along with the Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Santa Barbara. This is Bob's first book, based on the sermons of Pastor Rick Ryan, and he is working on the next one already. We visited them at the Finestra book store in Santa Barbara on Sunday where we also saw Lea's long time fried Tammy - who was recently healed of Lymphoma after many months of chemo treatments and the prayers of friends and family across the country! Tammy got a clean bill of health as the cancer went into remission and she will have several follow-up visits for an immune treatment over the next 2 years. She is an awesome example of faith, surrender, and healing by the grace of God, and we are so blessed to have her on the road back to health for her children and the many who love her!

Taylor Live in Concert!

Taylor had her school "recital" with a heart filled performance of three songs! After the event there was a silent auction benefiting the Noah's Ark preschool she attends, and we ended up spending a bunch for a great cause... We took home a large barbecue gift basket, a beach party basket, a gift certificate for a haircut at a local salon, and a great 5X8 ft. shaggy rug for the kid's play area in the loft. It was big time family fun!

The girls are really sprouting and developing the most amazing personalities. They can't wait to get back to see all of their East Coast family!

Lea and I are involved in a great 5 week group study called Making Marriage Work. We would recommend the books the study is based on without reservation. Check them out:
Saving your marriage before it starts
Saving your SECOND marriage before it starts

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The G family in Ojai

Hi everyone! Here's our new site to check out the latest family happenings in California! Grandma G is visiting us from NY and the kids are having an incredible time with her. We hope everyone will have a chance to visit before the girls are off to college! We hope to plan a visit back east this summer or fall - but with the business we really have to play it by ear.

More posts coming soon!!!!

David, Lea, Taylor, and Alexandra